28 January 2009


The children of sex workers face a number of problems due to the negative attitude of society. Some of the children are denied school admission because of their background. The children are discriminated and ostracized in schools, which affects them tremendously.

Some of the children are admitted in private boarding schools paying exorbitant fees by their mothers. But when these women are sick or arrested and put in the jail, they will not be able to pay for the children.

There are no facilities to look after small babies. For the same reason, some among them sell their babies just after delivery. Some of the women keep their children with other women during work, for which they will have to pay exorbitantly. Some women keep their children with close relatives. But the relatives usually do not allow the women to stay with them. This separates the child from mother. Some women take the children also along with them during work. This may give some protection to women, but the hostile street is so unhealthy for the children.

There are very few residential centers, which admit the children of sex workers. In these centers, they do not allow the women to take back the children during vacation period, and in effect the women lose the child forever.

The children undergo shame and psychological trauma during police arrests and are subjected to verbal abuse and social ostracism.

The children are vulnerable and can be subjected to physical and sexual abuse. But most of the sex workers try to protect them, but it is a Herculean task given the situation.

The health care facilities can never be properly utilized by the sexworkers because of the social exclusion.

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